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Canoe Guide to the Scenic Satilla River

The Satilla River has been noted by many as being the last of Georgia's wild and scenic rivers. Wildlife of all species abound along its banks, with good fishing year round for Bass, Crappie, Red Bellies, and Bream.

Snow-white Cranes, White-tail Deer, Ducks, Blue Herons, Raccoons, Squirrels, Gopher Tortoises, and the ever evasive Wild Turkey may be seen as you travel this scenic wonderland.

Canoeing the Satilla is considered the most enjoyable way to witness its beauty. Sandbars of pure white sand are located around almost every bend in the river and are ideal for camping, picnics and swimming.

Each bridge along the river has adequate facilities for launching canoes. Convenience items can be obtained in Waycross, in Atkinson, and in Woodbine.

When canoeing the Satilla River, please remember:

  1. Select a leaer experienced in canoeing and camping.
  2. Camping is available on white sandbars and under bridge rights-of-way.
  3. Have a full first aid kit available in each canoe.
  4. Respect the rights of land owners.
  5. Access to posted land should be by invitation only.
  6. Be extremely careful with camp fires.
  7. Do not cut or damage living tress.
  8. Carry your litter with you.
  9. Firearms are not necessary.

For Further Information Contact:
Southeast Georgia Regional Development Center
3395 Harris Road
Waycross, Georgia 31503

Mid Georgia Ambulance

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