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Saltwater Creel and Length Limits

Species Open Season Daily Creel Limit Possession Limit Minimum Size (in.)
Blue marlin   CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY    
White marlin   CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY    
Tarpon* 3/16-11/30 1 1 68 FL
Amberjack 3/16-12/31
(No Sale 4/1-4/30)
1 1 28 FL
Cobia 3/16-11/30 2 2 33 FL
Dolphin All year 10a 10a 20 FL
King mackerel All year 3 3 24 FL
Spanish mackerel 3/16-11/30 15 15 12 FL
Sheepshead All year 15 15 10 FL
Atlantic sturgeon   No harvest allowed No harvest allowed  
Bluefish 3/16-11/30 15 15 12 FL
Black sea bass All year 15 15 12 TL
Gag grouper All year
(No Sale 3/1-4/30)
2 2 24 TL
Red drum All year 5 5 14 TL
(23 TL Max.)
Black drum All year 15 15 10 TL
Weakfish All year 1 1 13 TL
Flounder All year 15 15 12 TL
Whiting All year No Possession Limit No Possession Limit 10 TL
Spot All year 25 25 8 TL
Atlantic croaker All year 25 25 8 TL
Tripletail All year 2 2 18 TL
Red snapper All year 2 2 20 TL
Spotted seatrout All year 15 15 13 TL
Striped bass All year 2 2 22 TL
Prohibited Sand Tiger, Sandbar, Silky, Bigeye sand tiger, Whale, Basking, White, Dusky, Bignose, Galapagos, Night, Reef, Narrowtooth, Caibbean Sharpnose, Smalltail, Atlantic Angel, Linfgin Mako, Bigeye Thresher, Sharpnose sevengill, Bluntnose sixgill and Bigeye sixgill
Small shark composite** All year 1 1 30 FL
Sharks*** All year 1**** 1****
(limit may include only one longer than 84 in.)
54 TL
Red Porgy All year
(No Sale 1/1 - 4/30)
3 3 14 TL

  • *Gamefish or no sale status
  • **Consists of Atlantic sharpnose, bonnethead, and spiny dogfish
  • ***Consists of all sharks other than small shark composite and prohibited
  • ****One per person or boat, whichever is less
  • a Not to exceed 60 per boat, except for headboats, which are allowed 10 dolphin per paying customer
  • FL = fork length
  • TL = total length

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